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Some kind words from some wonderful people…

“I met Peter when I was 13 years old when he taught me to sing, read music and play the piano. He was so friendly, enthusiastic and encouraging, he engaged me immediately. He inspired me to write my own songs which I went on to play for GCSE music and was awarded an A*. I am 33 years old now and have recorded and released my own EP professionally. I can honestly say that it is from my time being taught by Peter that gave me the skills to be able to write lyrics, chord sequences and melodies. I look back on very fond memories of being taught by Peter. He is extremely versatile. I will never forget taking Christina Aguileras ‘Genie in a Bottle’ piano sheet music to him. He had never heard the song and I am sure it wouldn’t have been his choice to listen to in his own time, but my jaw dropped open at how he played it flawlessly to me. That set the standard for me and Peter’s patience and faith in you as a student really shows through his teaching. He would never deem anything too difficult to learn and his approach to teaching made me believe that anything was possible. I highly recommend Peter to anyone wanting to learn music. You definitely get your monies worth and probably more than you ever bargained for. The energy, encouragement and fun you will endure whilst being taught by Peter is priceless.”

  • Lisa

“Peter has the rare gift of being able to lead — show the way, instruct, suggest — and follow — accompany a student on his erratic rambles through the multiple lands of music — at the same time. Whether it’s Bach, blues or boogie, he manages to encourage and challenge, and coach and develop. After every lesson I come out a better, richer musician and music lover.”

  • Koen

“Having to teach me for almost a decade requires a degree of patience possessed by a rare few. Peter has guided me through countless pieces and grades with unfailing diplomacy and skill but, above all, with gusto. He’s really helped me to get the most out of my music, at my own pace. He has encouraged me to try a whole host of different genres and styles, even managing to coax me into musical theory. Peter is also rather good at playing the piano himself. Piano lessons have been a constant staple of my week, but there’s always been something new and exciting for me to have a go at. I’ll really miss them when I go to university!”

  • Hamish

Many, many thanks for the numerous years of wonderful piano teaching and playing. Growing up just wouldn’t have been the same without them.

  • Matthys

“Peter has been teaching my children for several years now and is the most wonderful, inspiring teacher one could dream of. Peter is at heart a real artist, he has composed numerous pieces for children, and my children have  thoroughly enjoyed playing  pieces from the three volumes of the Exuberant pianist.  The pieces in volume one are SO much fun to play and infinitely more rewarding than most beginners’ music volumes that are on the market. Each piece has a clear set of objectives yet is immensely enjoyable and brings sparkles into your eyes.

Peter is gifted with the power of responding to a child’s needs with a hugely resourceful imagination. Peter also has an emotional intelligence that is second to none and allows him to bring out the best in the pupils he teaches.

A telling testimony to Peter’s fantastic resourcefulness is the fact that he composed a piece for piano and three wind instruments, specifically for my children who also play the clarinet, the flute and the oboe. My children had never experienced the joy of making music together, let alone rising to the challenge of switching between the piano and their wind instrument.  It was a stroke of genius, and a moment I will always cherish in my heart.

I am immensely grateful to Peter for his unfailing support, his caring, supportive approach, his  unique gift of bringing out the best in every one of his pupils.”

  • Ariane

“The relationship between teacher and pupil is key – and at the heart of Peter’s teaching. I have the experience of being carefully and sensitively listened to, of having Peter’s full attention. Each lesson starts from where I find myself – but each time I am challenged, introduced to new ideas, new music. I’m so lucky to be able to spend a hour with Peter and Bach – I come away with a sense of being fully present that lasts all week.”

  • Jane

“9.45 Monday am. I press the bell on Peter’s door. Most weeks I’m enthusiastic but sometimes – not enough practice, not enough progress! – I am reluctant. Every week Peter opens the door with a smile and a warm welcome.

I didn’t start playing till after I’d retired so I’m not an easy pupil. Nevertheless Peter is always encouraging and has a huge fund of ways to throw light on a piece and make the most of my limited abilities. He’s magic.”

  • Michael
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